Kim De Bruijn-Michielsen

NRIT Onderzoek

NRIT Onderzoek

Type of tourism research activities

All kinds of large-scale and small-scale research on tourism and leisure, such as multi client studies, monitoring, policy evaluation, satisfaction tests, panel research, image studies, city marketing plans, mystery reviews, desk research, trend analysis, GIS.

Other research activities

NRIT Onderzoek is part of the SUMMIT Research Group. The SUMMIT Research Group specializes in:

– research on (public) transportation (PROBIT)
– research on education (DIDAKT)
– innovative research (INDUKT)

NRIT Onderzoek cooperates with its partners NRIT Media (publisher of NRIT and other tourism-related publications) and NRIT Advies (Consultancy activities, such as feasibility studies)

NRIT Onderzoek has a partnership with NHTV University of Applied Sciences – Centre of Sustainable Tourism and Transport (CSTT) and within this partnership specializes on sustainability and climate change related to tourism.

Contact person

Drs. Kim de Bruijn – Michielsen

Paardeweide 3L
4824 EH Breda , Nederland
T 0031 76 548 21 75
F 0031 76 548 21 79

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