Prof. Dr. Martin Lohmann


N.I.T., Institut für Tourismus- und Bäderforschung
in Nordeuropa GmbH
(Institute for Tourism and Recreational Research
in Northern Europe)


Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

Type of tourism research activities

The N.I.T. is a research institution for tourism issues and related subject areas. On the basis of research, we also develop tourism strategies within consultancy projects.

  • Basic Research
    By the term ‘basic research’ we mean all research activities that are not directly aimed at supplying specific data to be used by clients. Basic research aims to create knowledge. In this field of work we therefore consider fundamental questions which are often not considered during every day life in market research.
  • Market research
    Market research is one of the core areas of our work. In market research projects, the N.I.T. works at the interface of data collection, data analysis and data interpretation for clients from the tourism and leisure industry. Our core competency is the integration of clients’ needs for data and interpretation with suitable data collection and data analysis methods. A longstanding and well-tried data collection and analysis method are the guest surveys carried out by the N.I.T.
  • EXPERTISE, development & Implemantation
    The field of expertise, development and implementation contains many different consulting projects on different spatial levels, e.g. project-orientated market analyses, strategy development or project planning/monitoring in small steps.
  • Sustainable Tourism Development
    We advise tourism stakeholders on how to achieve more sustainability in tourism, develop projects together with stakeholders, moderate discussion processes and develop methods and concepts for support.

Contact person

Martin Lohmann, Prof. Dr.; Dipl.-Psych.
Managing Director

Institut für Tourismus- und Bäderforschung in Nordeuropa GmbH
Fleethörn 23
DE-24103 Kiel

Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Wirtschaftspsychologie Dep.
Institut für Experimentelle Wirtschaftspsychologie
Wilschenbrucher Weg 84a
21335 Lüneburg

T 0049 (0)431 666 567 0
F 0049 (0)431 666567 10

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