52nd TRC Meeting, Lisbon

The 52nd TRC meeting took place in Lisbon, Portugal. The local organizer was Antonia Correia.

Dates: March 30 – April 2, 2017

Location: Lisbon, Portugal


Eugeni Aguilo: Co-creating experiential tourism. Empirical evidence from Ibiza

Monika Bandi-Tanner and Adrian Künzi: Event Performance Index (EPI) – A holistic validation tool as a guideline for public support of cultural and sport events

Peter Björk: Destination Gastronomy Experiences: Food dimensions that count

Phillipe Callot: The Ecolabel for tourist accommodation in French regions: why a so disruptive distribution?

Antonia Correia and Justyna Majewska: Modelling of tourism flows between origin and destination regions – determinants and spatial dependence patterns

Sophie Elias: Hospitality: Making it Happen for the Connected Generation

Justyna Majewska and Grzegorz Golembski: “Determinants of international tourism flows – the gravity model for Poland

Jan Vidar Haukeland: BIOTOUR – From place-based natural resources to value-added experiences

Raija Komppula: “Values and Sustainable Behaviors – A Study Among Russian and Finnish University Students Tourism in the new bio-economy

Metin Kozak and Antonia Correia: Gamblers vs non-gamblers: Travel motivations to Macau

Martin Lohmann: Worried respondents and cool tourists: reported impacts of terror threats and factual destination choice patterns

Mara Manente: Tourism strategic planning in the European competitive environment. Investigation on national practices in terms of governance models, objectives, strategies and actions

Andreas Papatheodorou: Airline Route Development and Tourism: Implications for Involved Stakeholders

Harald Pechlaner and Ingrid Kofler: Innovation in Tourism: the example of the Regional Innovation System of South Tyrol

Mike Peters: Framing the labor market in the hospitality industry: An interplay of self-reflection, radicalization and contradiction

Egon Smeral: Variations in seasonal tourism behavior across the business cycles

Anne Verhaege: Teaching hotel

Karl Wöber: A partial model of tourism competitiveness in European cities

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Category: 52nd Meeting - Lisbon
Date: May 2017